Why you should hire a wedding planner!

(Guest written by Kelly Rhodes of Southern Frills Weddings & Events)

Kelly placing a boutonnière on a groomsmen

You secured that beautiful rock on your little finger and now it’s time to embark on the wonderful world of wedding planning. The next big talk to have with your self is if you need a wedding planner or coordinator… yep there’s a difference and at minimum you need one.

A wedding planner is your personal concierge service to your entire wedding. She knows the ins, the outs and where to get all the hook ups. This is perfect for the couple who does not want to spend their engagement interviewing the countless vendors or going back and forth on a color palate and trying to figure out a floor plan. Wedding planners will keep you on schedule, save you money, time and give you that luxury experience of planning a wedding, so that you can enjoy being engaged to the fullest. Our company specializes in creating a custom experience for each guest in attendance. We design an experience that considers our couple’s personality and we infuse that through out every element. We want their guests to feel their love story on multiple levels. From the moment you enter the space you will have a completely tailored experience that is very intentional; stunning tables to ambient lighting to aromatic smells you become apart of that love story.

A wedding coordinator (saving grace) will typically become involved towards the end of your planning process. EVERYONE needs this service at a minimum to have smooth- seamless wedding. They are typically less expensive by a few thousand dollars and worth every penny. So, what does a coordinator actually do, you may ask. It’s all in the name, love!  A coordinator will take all of the elements of your wedding that you have planned, hired, and paid for then pull it all together with a beautiful timeline and orchestrate the day’s festivities.  They will follow up with all of your vendors and verify quantities, delivery times, arrival times and make sure that it works with all of the other vendors schedules. They will help organize your hair and make up schedule for your entire wedding party and make sure the groom arrives on time. They work hand in hand  as a liaison between the wedding vendors, wedding party and your family to make sure everything you have worked so hard planning is executed with precision… and of course handle any issues that may arise with out bringing it to you or your guests attention. The coordinator will bustle your dress and make sure your DJ is about to play the correct song, all while preparing your best man for the big toast he’s about to make, they will work hand in hand with the photographer to make there’s enough time to switch out lenses and adjust light settings so no moment goes uncaptured. They days tasks are unlimited, and may seem minor but weddings are all about the details and the coordinator will make sure they are seamless.  

Getting married is a pretty incredible experience and having a wedding costs thousands of dollars to put on this lavish event. Why would you not hire someone to take care of logistics so that you and your family can truly enjoy themselves. We personally  have the highest standards and we only work with the best vendors in our area. We only know how to deliver excellence because that what our clients deserve. We are high vibe and authentic, promise unshakable commitment and have a passion for planning. We just want to work with a genuine couple. People who are madly in love and want their family and friends to have an epic time at their wedding.  It is about capturing your vision, refining it and bringing it to life. That’s why it is so imperative to bring a planner or coordinator on your team. Wedding planning is an amazing fun journey and we wish you the best!

Sending our love,

The Planners at Southern Frills Weddings & Events 

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