April 14, 2020

ALL of the best spots for Engagement Photos in Pensacola, Florida

What’s up!! I want to share with you the BEST locations for engagement photos in and around the Pensacola area, with a couple bonus ideas that are a short drive away, but are totally worth the travel time! 

Fort Pickens (Pensacola Beach, Florida)

  • Fort Pickens has a super old rustic vibe where you can also get lots of beautiful sunset views, lots of awesome greenery and other boho inspired colors, and it packs a lot of a punch as far as versatility! At Fort Pickens you have the fort itself, some little beach access areas, and a great little wooded trail! You kinda get 3 locations in 1! 

Pensacola Beach

  • A classic staple of a Pensacola location! You’ve seen a million photos out here. Be careful going near the sand dunes, since if you get too close or up on them it’s a felony! I recommend to go to the sound side of the road past Portofino for some different vibes than most people usually get! 

Downtown Pensacola

  • You can’t go wrong with downtown Pensacola! Just like Fort Pickens, it’s like a million locations in one! You’re never far from awesome light and a nice scene to shoot in. Having people in the background and the motion of some cars is a great detail for photos. 

National Seashore (Gulf Breeze, Florida)

  • In Gulf Breeze, National Seashore gives you some similar vibes to Fort Pickens without the drive or gate fee! There’s a couple wooded trails and also awesome beach access, that feels more classic and intimate than out on Pensacola Beach or the beach access at Fort Pickens! It’s pretty secluded and there’s never more than like 10 people out in that whole area. 

Your house! (wherever, yo!)

  • Maybe kinda unconventional, but if you share a house or already have a place to live together after getting married you can shoot in your house!! Look for rooms with nice light from windows, neutral colored walls (cream, gray, black, etc – think earth tones). Just make sure to clean before the photographer comes over and maybe come up with some props or activities to do during your photo session!

Downtown Milton

  • Kinda like Downtown Pensacola, but in Milton! You’re right by the Imogene and the little shopping area and there’s great options for shooting near the water, a park in the area (I can’t remember the name!) and maybe some film inspired shots near some of the houses right around there. 

Perfect Plain (Pensacola, Florida)

  • Every under 30 Pensacolians favorite bar, right at the corner of Garden and Jefferson, this bar is the perfect place for engagement photos in the day and in the night! With their huge garage bay doors letting in lots of light during the day, and the awesome moody vibe at night, there’s no bad time for photos. Just be sure to be respectful of the patrons and order something as a thank you for the space! I recommend going on a weekday and looking at their schedule ahead of time to make sure there’s nothing crazy going on. 

Live Oak Plantation (Beulah, Florida)

  • Live Oak Plantation is a BALLER location for your wedding AND your engagement photos. With a fee of only $75 Monday-Thursday and $100 on the weekend, you get access to the huge property out there with lots of awesome photo spots. You’ve got the lake, lots of trails, the road up to the mansion, and the big field out back – you’re not going to run out of scenes to shoot in! (Ps: yes these photos are from a wedding and not an engagement session, but you get the idea!)

NAS Lighthouse (Pensacola, Florida)

  • This is maybe one of the coolest and least used locations in Pensacola!! You’ve got the hassle factor of getting onto base (plan extra time for this and remember to use the rear entrance to get to the lighthouse) but in exchange for that little bit of extra work you get an amazing view of Pensacola’s waters, an opportunity for a sky or sunset background like no one else has in their photos, some moody creative shots inside the stairwell, or pictures with the gorgeous (and always well lit) little bit of woods and trails a short walk away from the lighthouse (just head towards the big water)


Seaside (Seaside, Florida)

  • About 1.5 hours away from Pensacola, Seaside is the most gorgeous little town. There is always beautiful light and you can always find something new to shoot with. From all the gorgeous little houses, to the famous seaside arch thing (who knows what it’s called if it even has a name!), and the pastel storefronts around the amphitheatre lawn- you can’t take bad photos here!!

Cheaha Mountain (Alabama)

  • This is definitely a bit of a hike, but if you’re willing to drive for a little under 5 hours to get to your engagement session location, you’ve GOTTA consider going to Cheaha Mountain. About 45 minutes outside of Birmingham, Cheaha Mountain is the highest point in Alabama. If you’re willing to shoot for a couple hours, explore, and have a lot of fun finding the best views and some really cool spots along the way (small waterfalls, wooded trails, long winding roads) then you’ve gotta go to Cheaha mountain! 

Birmingham, Alabama

  • Last but not least is another location that’ll take about 5 hours to get to, but is so worth it. Birmingham is Pensacola on steroids! From the Botanical Gardens to Morris Ave to the City Overlooks, you’ll never run out of spots to take photos. Madison and I have traveled to bham 3 times this year already just for engagement sessions!

SO there’s all my favorite spots in and around Pensacola, Florida (as well as some bonus locations that take a little bit of driving!) I hope you found this very helpful and I’d love if you commented below what your favorite location is, or if you have any other ideas for locations I didn’t mention!

Have a great day!

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