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May 31, 2021

Our Top Five Pensacola Florida Wedding Venues

Pensacola is home to many, many wedding venues of all different sizes and styles. From rustic barn weddings to upscale ballrooms, there’s definitely no shortage of places to get married! We’ve gotten the chance to be the wedding photographers for weddings at pretty much every venue in town and we wanted to share with you our list of the top 5 wedding venues in Pensacola!

(note – this list isn’t meant to be taken as a ranking – the last venue on the list is no less awesome than the first! They’re just different!)

Pensacola Country Club

Pensacola Country Club is an extremely elegant venue – really just timeless, classic, and romantic. The gorgeous waterfront view is the perfect backdrop for your wedding on the green. And check out that giant oak tree! There’s absolutely no shortage of beautiful settings for your ceremony, newlywed portraits, or even your reception! Not only do you have options to have your day fully outside (especially with the ability to rent a tent for an outdoor reception in less than ideal weather), but you also have the ability to come inside for your reception! This would be a great choice for someone looking for a reception with a more relaxed pace, since the indoor reception space lends itself more to a seated dinner with more courses than you might want to serve outside!

One of the largest Pensacola Wedding Venues, Pensacola Country Club can accommodate up to 250 guests!

The site fee for Pensacola Country Club starts at $1500 during peak and non-peak season, and you can inquire via their website at

Oyster Bay Boutique Hotel (Formerly the Lee House)

Oyster Bay Boutique Hotel (formerly the Lee House) recently finished a massive renovation and rebranding after it was purchased by Studer Group in 2020! What was already a gorgeous, contemporary, high-end hotel & venue now feels even more like a luxury experience with designer furnishings on the inside, and a refreshed courtyard on the outside. This is a perfect spot for a couple looking for an indoor/outdoor event.. and what’s more is that since it’s a hotel with eight rooms, you can book it out and have your wedding party and family stay here! There’s nothing more convenient for a wedding day than having literally everything on site.

You have three options for ceremony locations here at Oyster Bay Boutique Hotel – The Fountain Courtyard, The Pearl Plaza, and The Veranda. All of these feature different parts of the venue’s elegant design and give you unique views of Downtown Pensacola!

A weekend wedding at Oyster Bay Boutique Hotel will cost you around $9000, exclusive of any suite rentals! You’ll probably want to book all of the suites for the full weekend as part of your wedding booking, which will add around another $8000 to the cost (8 rooms x $500/night x 2 nights). It takes a payment of 50% of the venue rental cost to book, and you can inquire via their website at, or contact them directly at either, or (850) 912-8770.

Barkley House

You guys, the Barkley House is truly epic. This is the most historic wedding venue in all of Pensacola – Circa 1825 and located on Pensacola Bay, Barkley House is “the oldest surviving example of a high-house in the city”. And you really feel it while you’re there! Pre-wedding when everyone is getting ready in the various rooms you really feel like you’re in a really special, historic spot. It’s so cool that the City of Pensacola is keeping this venue up and running!

Here you have a couple of options for your ceremony location! There’s a courtyard on the bayfront side of the house featuring palm trees and a view of the bay, and a larger lawn to the side of the house with massive live oaks. The side with the palm trees (pictured below) is the perfect spot for a more intimate wedding celebration, since it feels full with less people. You could even have your wedding planning team flip it during a cocktail hour and have your reception in the same spot! The max capacity of Barkley House is listed at “200 or more”, so you could maybe have a wedding with up to about 250 people there!

Pricing for a Saturday wedding at Barkley House starts at $2100 and includes an onsite representative to oversee the venue on the day of the event, use of 175 white chairs, 12 5-foot round tables, 12 six-foot rectangular tables, and 12 eight-food rectangular tables. Booking includes an eight-hour rental period on the day of the event; and one hour designated for ceremony rehearsal. Each additional hour will be billed at $100/hour plus Florida sales tax of 7.5%. Upon booking, 50% payment is due, with the remaining balance paid in full two weeks prior to the event.

You can inquire to book via their website at, or by directly contacting Rylee Hart at, or 850-619-2745.

5eleven Palafox

5eleven Palafox is maybe our favorite of all the Pensacola wedding venues.. It’s one of the first venues we ever got to shoot at, and it never, never fails to provide you with gorgeous images! Built in 1896, 5eleven Palafox has a rich history that has been updated to accommodate modern amenities such as in-house catering and bartending! Like some of the other venues mentioned, there are multiple spots to have your ceremony on property at 5eleven Palafox. You can have your wedding in the courtyard (pictured below), inside, or on the side lawn (which can hold up to an impressive 275 guests!).

Another great thing about 5eleven Palafox is their brand new bridal loft upstairs. In the past, the bridal party would need to have another location to get hair and makeup done at, as well as to actually get dressed at! But this is no longer an issue with their brand new upstairs bridal suite! It’s a massive space with textured concrete walls, large windows letting in tons of natural light, and an elegant industrial feel. You’ll love getting ready here!

Pricing for 5eleven Palafox starts at $4000 for 14 hours of access to the Building, Courtyard, and Bridal Loft. You’ll also have access to 150 mahogany chiavari chairs, 12 five-foot round tables, 8 four-foot round tables, 2 six-foot banquet tables, 2 eight-foot banquet tables, 2 wireless microphones, a speaker system in the building and courtyard, 6 bistro tables for cocktail hour, and an expert venue manager! 5eleven will also provide you their preferred vendor list (which we’re on!), a complimentary 1-hour rehearsal block, and some other fun extras!

You you can inquire via their website at, or contact them directly at either, or 850-637-1044.

Old Christ Church

Wedding Ceremony at Old Christ Church in Pensacola, Florida

Old Christ Church is one of the more unique venues on this list, for a couple of reasons! Firstly, it’s been around since around the same time of Barkley House (OCC was completed in 1832, making it only 7 years younger than Barkley House). Secondly, Old Christ Church doesn’t have an on-site option for a reception! Some might see this as an inconvenience, but we see it as an opportunity for originality! Since you’ll be finding another spot for your reception, you can look all over town to see what would be the best spot for a party! You might want to take it over to the Pensacola Museum of Art, Barkley House, Seville Quarter, or any of the other awesome reception spots located conveniently downtown!

Old Christ Church features gorgeous dark-stained wooden church pews that can hold approximately 150 guests for your wedding ceremony! The room is divided into 4 seating sections with 2 aisles (1 per side), which gives you the opportunity to enter on one side and exit down the other. This will be sure give all of your guests a great view of you and your wedding party up close! Either side of Old Christ Church has a ton of huge windows so no matter the time of day or time of year, you’re sure to have a lot of natural light streaming in!

A Saturday ceremony at Old Christ Church will cost $1100 (not including tax). You’re able to use the venue for up to 3 hours on your wedding day, and 1 hour the day before for a rehearsal. You can inquire via their website at, or contact them directly at


So! I hope this list of our favorite Pensacola wedding venues is helpful to you! We’ve loved getting to shoot at almost every single venue in the area and we’re so stoked to be able to pass along this helpful information to you! And hey! Now that you’ve made some progress on the venue decision, maybe start thinking about your photographer choice! Hit us up through our contact form and we can talk you through that as well!

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