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                                      destination wedding has some real potential to be the most fun wedding you've ever been to! Whether it's because you're somewhere you've never been before, you're trying new foods, or you're just reunited with your group of friends - you are definitely going to have an amazing time. 

Destination weddings, if you don't know, are where all or at least a large percentage of guests and the couple travel to a neutral location to have the wedding! Some have defined destination weddings as occurring "at least 100 miles away from your home", but we think that's too strict of a definition. If it's somewhere cool that you don't live - then it's a destination wedding! 

Having a destination wedding could be absolutely perfect for a variety of couples - whether it's a couple who is very well traveled, having friends all around that will need to travel in for their wedding. Maybe a couple who maybe doesn't get to explore too much wants to use their wedding as an awesome excuse to go somewhere amazing! Or it could be for a couple who loves where they live already but wants something a little different or out of the ordinary for their wedding. Maybe a NYC couple loves the city, but wants to change it up! Maybe they travel to Oregon and get married in front of Latourell Falls! 

No matter what your reasoning behind choosing to have your wedding in a gorgeous destination is - you're going to have an amazing time! And maybe you're thinking "ugh that all sounds cool and like it might be right for us, but wouldn't it be so much more complicated to pull off?"... Which we totally understand. But the truth is you can have a destination wedding and it actually wind up being much more simple than a local wedding - and with a potentially much more epic result! Check out the rest of this page as well as our blogs about destination weddings to find out how you can have a destination wedding without a ton of stress - as well as where you might could go! 


who are destination weddings for?

So we already talked a little bit about who might consider having a destination wedding, but we really want to drive home that anyone can have a destination wedding! But if you're still not sure if that includes you then here's some examples!

- Couples with family spread out across the state, country, or world
- Couples who live somewhere they're not in love with
- Couples who don't have a lot of great options for venues or vendors around them
- Couples who have always wanted to travel somewhere spectacular but haven't had the chance
- Couples who want their wedding to be infinitely more amazing than a regular wedding
- Couples who have a very specific vision for their wedding that can't be executed with the resources they have locally! 

Maybe you fit into one of those specific categories above! But if you don't you can still have a destination wedding just because you want to. That's totally okay! It's your wedding and above all you and your partner deserve to be stoked with how it turns out!

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We know it can be confusing since there's many similarities! (mainly since lots of elopements are in stunning locations!) But did you know there's actually a difference between destination weddings and elopements? Here's how elopements and destination weddings compare!


- often in a unique location
- generally more attention to detail is paid
- lots of opportunity to explore a new area and get some really unique photos!
- boosted excitement level (there's something special about it being different than the norm!)


- guest list count (elopements are generally less than 10 people, where a normal number for a destination wedding is unlimited)
- potentially less structured of a trip
- you can choose to have an elopement local to you and it still be an elopement
- elopements are usually much cheaper and easier to put together (but at the cost of losing out on having lots of guests!) 


When you're planning a destination wedding it can seem scary to be hiring so many different vendors who you most likely won't meet in person until your wedding day! You've gotta get a florist, caterer, dj or live band, photographer, and so many more. It can definitely seem like too much to handle! But we've got some tips on managing this and making it go smoothly! Check it out -

epic tips

               Start with hiring a planner who is local to your destination (or if you or someone you know has worked with someone already who you know will be epic and on top of things then they can be based wherever (if they travel!))

               Talk with your planner about tastes and what you hope to achieve out of various aspects of your wedding! What do you want your photos to look like? What do you want your florals to be like? Etc. Give them a budget that you’d like to stay in for each category (but know that you might adjust this later if you find someone awesome and worth more money than you planned, or find someone who will be great and is more affordable than you expected!) 

               Really hone in on your top 3 most important aspects and make sure you have really strong vendors in those areas. Ours would be photography (obviously), florals, and decor. So if we knew we had incredible people filling those roles for us we would have almost no reason to stress or worry.