Engagement Photos at The Oculus

I’m always looking for more ways to prove that I’m an epic NYC engagement photographer – and I think these photos are reallllly gonna contribute to that claim! haha. — Every couple envisions their engagement photos being awesome, and finding the perfect place to take them is the first step. Katharine and Perry chose The Oculus for their engagement photos in NYC. Katharine looking stunning in her aquamarine dress and Perry dressed in a classy blue suit. I’m also stoked to photograph their upcoming wedding at the beautiful Meadowlark North Fork on Long Island! But for now I’ve gotta show you their engagement photos at The Oculus!

The Oculus

Located in Lower Manhattan, The Oculus is a modern architectural wonder that leaves a lasting impression. Its modern design stands out against the cityscape, resembling a majestic bird in flight. The building is made of steel and glass, and its unique angles and shapes make it truly remarkable. Some bonus fun facts about The Oculus (from Keep Calm and Wander) – it’s the world’s most expensive train station, costing upwards of $4 billion. Woah. Also apparently at the time of construction, the cranes used to build it were the tallest ever used in NYC!

Playing with Light and Shadows

The Oculus is an incredible setting for photography, with its design causing an epic interplay of light and shadows. Sunlight streamed through the steel framework, creating mesmerizing patterns that added a dreamy vibe to the photos. Katharine and Perry’s smiles, hugs, and stolen glances were beautifully enhanced by these captivating lighting effects.

As we celebrated Katharine and Perry’s engagement at The Oculus, my excitement grew for their upcoming wedding at the gorgeous Meadowlark North Fork on Long Island. With its natural beauty, vineyards, and rustic charm, it will be a perfect backdrop for their journey as a married couple. I’m so stoked to continue capturing their love story and document their wedding at Meadowlark North Fork.

Katharine and Perry’s engagement photos at The Oculus showcased their love against the backdrop of an extraordinary architectural masterpiece. The unique angles, light and shadows, and their undeniable connection resulted in some stunning images. As I eagerly await their wedding at Meadowlark North Fork, I’m honored to be a part of their journey and to capture their love! After this, check out even more great NYC Engagement Photo Locations!


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Let’s make your photos everything they can be and more

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