Hallockville Museum Farm Wedding

When the beauty of rustic charm meets the elegance of ballet, the result is a truly enchanting wedding. Last fall, the picturesque Hallockville Museum Farm on Long Island set the stage for a remarkable celebration of love between two talented ballerinas from the New York City Ballet. With notable personalities from the fashion industry in attendance, including the renowned Zac Posen, this wedding became a mesmerizing affair that seamlessly blended history, nature, and artistry.

The Venue

Situated amidst over 500 acres of preserved North Fork farmland and open space, the Hallockville Museum Farm offers a unique and authentic rural setting for a range of private functions. Steeped in a rich historical and agricultural heritage spanning 250 years, this venue is a hidden gem on Long Island. The centerpiece of the farm, the Naugles Barn, built in 1937, has been lovingly restored to retain its historic character while accommodating modern event needs.

The large fields at the Hallockville Museum Farm provided an idyllic backdrop for the couple’s wedding, and the barn a perfect cocktail hour location. The open floor plan of the barn and the included reception tent allowed for flexible table arrangements, while modern electric service ensured a smooth experience for all vendors involved.

The Event

As past and current dancers with the esteemed New York City Ballet, the couple’s wedding was a testament to their passion for dance and art. Surrounded by friends, family, and esteemed guests from the fashion industry, including Zac Posen, the event radiated with elegance and sophistication. From the enchanting ceremony to the lively reception, every moment was imbued with the couple’s artistic flair and attention to detail.

To capture all of the moments of this unforgettable day, the couple looked for their wedding photographer in NYC. With expertise in capturing the essence of unique venues like Hallockville Museum Farm, I was able to showcase the stunning rural backdrop while highlighting the couple’s grace and charm. Check out another post of a wedding at Greenpoint Loft with some similar vibes, but in the city!

The Hallockville Museum Farm, steeped in history and surrounded by breathtaking farmland and open space, provided an idyllic setting for a remarkable fall wedding. With the bride and groom’s shared background as dancers in the New York City Ballet and the presence of esteemed personalities from the fashion industry, this celebration was a true fusion of elegance, artistry, and nature’s splendor. Hallockville Museum Farm’s Naugles Barn, with its timeless appeal and historic character, offered the perfect space to party!

Images shot while working for Rachel Rodgers Photography


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