How to Choose a NYC Engagement Photo Location

If you’re engaged in New York City, then congratulations! You’re probably starting to think about where you want to take your engagement photos. There’s so many options for locations in NYC: Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, The High Line — the list goes on and on. But don’t worry! I’ve written out some advice for how to pick the perfect location for your NYC engagement photos that you’ll love and will reflect who you are as a couple.

Think of locations that are special to your relationship

When you’re trying to think of a location, think if there’s one that’s special to you and your partner. If there are places that are important in your relationship and could be represented in your engagement session, include those! For example:

  • A restaurant where you had your first date (or even just go on a lot)
  • A park where you often take walks
  • Your favorite museum to walk around in together (for me it’s the AMNH!)

Look for a place with great light.

The best light is often natural light, so if you want to have your session indoors then look for a place with lots of windows and great light. Probably avoid shooting in direct sunlight, as this can make you squint or cast unflattering shadows on your face. Outside you also want to take photos in soft and diffused light (in general) which can be found extra easily around sunrise or sunset–the perfect time for engagement photos!

Ask your photographer what spots they like

If you can’t think of a great spot right away, ask your photographer to help. They know the city well and should be able to recommend some awesome locations that will make for some really great photos! If you already have a photographer in mind but aren’t sure what kind of shots they like, check out their work and their tagged photos on Instagram. If they seem to mainly stick to either indoor or outdoor locations then it might be best to go with that for your engagement photos too.

In fact I’ve put together another blog post with over 40 location ideas for your NYC engagement photos!

Consider your your overall style

You should also consider your overall style. Are you looking for photos that are more romantic and soft like these soho engagement photos? Or do you want something playful and fun? Maybe urban edgy is more your vibe, or maybe something more artsy is up your alley.

The location of your engagement shoot will help determine the overall mood of your images, so it’s important to think about this before choosing a spot!

Think about what you’re going to wear

When you’re picking your NYC Engagement Photos location, it’s crazy important to think about what you’d like to wear. The season and weather will have a big impact on what looks good in photos, as well as what kind of outfits are even going to be possible (although some of y’all will wear a romper in 25 degree weather so maybe nothing’s impossible haha).

In general:

  • If it’s going to be hot out, try choosing something light and breezy that won’t make you overheat or sweat too much (e.g., dresses are often better than jeans, and you can try to stick to less layers of lighter fabrics, like a linen dress shirt).
  • If it’s cold out, find something warm enough for the weather that ideally doesn’t look like survival gear. Layers and long coats are awesome here, but a huge puffer jacket might start to look more like you’re just trying to survive the cold rather than look stylish! There’s lots of good examples of warmer outfits that don’t necessarily scream “it’s freezing in these photos!!”

If there’s anything unique or sentimental about your outfit choices (such as wearing a family member’s dress), ask your photographer whether they have any tips on incorporating those details into the session!

Envision your finished photos being used for invitations, your wedding website, and on social media and consider what may look great for those purposes

As you’re planning your engagement session, consider how the location will look with the rest of your wedding details and styling. Is it going to be a part of the overall look? Will it fit in with everything else? If so, great! You can use that as an excuse to look at some cool places.

If you’re getting married in NYC you may consider using a location that has ties to your venue or reception location, like this engagement session at The Sanctuary Roosevelt Island where the couple’s wedding reception was later in the year! This way you could get some great images showing off where you’re getting married later on.

Think of a backup option in case there’s rain!

If it’s raining, don’t worry! There are plenty of indoor locations that can make for stunning photos. But if an indoor location isn’t exactly your speed then that’s okay too. A couple of clear umbrellas later and you’ll actually have a really cool style and vibe for your photos! Check out this proposal at Brooklyn Bridge Park in the pouring rain to see how clear umbrellas can come in handy!

Consider if you want the city to be featured in your photos

You may also want to consider if you want the city to be a feature in your photos. Some people, especially NYC transplants, really want to feature the skyline or other famous parts of the city in their photos. If you do want to include the city, what part of it will you choose? Is it more important to get a certain photo or have a certain experience while taking those pictures? If so, there are plenty of great options out there! One such option could be going to an observation deck experience like Summit One Vanderbilt or Top of the Rock!

Take advantage of seasonal colors.

When you’re looking for an engagement photo location, think about the season you’ll have your photos taken in. You can use seasonal colors as a guide for what to wear and what to look out for in the background of your photos. For example, if you’re going to have your engagement photos taken in spring or fall you may want to dress to compliment the colors you’ll see in the spring blooms or fall leaves!


If you’re planning on getting married in New York City, it makes sense to take your engagement photos here as well. And if you aren’t getting married here, you should absolutely still have your engagement photos taken here! There’s so many locations for you to choose from and each one has its own unique vibe. Use the contact form below to reach out if you want more advice on planning your NYC Engagement Photos or if you want information on booking me to take yours!!


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