20 Epic NYC Proposal Locations

Okay so you’re thinking about proposing here in NYC… epic choice! This is the best city in the world and there are zillions of options for where you can propose, what you can do before and after the moment, and for how I can photograph it and help you plan it to where your partner has no idea it’s about to happen!

After buying a ring, the next step is to choose where you’re going to propose (or you can hire me next and I’ll help you pick a spot, but either works!). Like I said, there’s a ton of spots in NYC where you can get incredible photos of your proposal – there’s iconic scenery every 12 feet here. So to narrow down where you’ll propose, first consider if there’s any locations that are important in your relationship! Was your first date walking around Central Park? Maybe you met at The Met? It’s always great if you can incorporate history from your relationship into your proposal! But if there aren’t any places jumping out right away, or if you’re visiting from out of town and want to propose here then you’re still in luck! A beautiful spot is almost as great as a sentimental spot.

If you don’t hold any spot in your heart already, then think about how much you’d like to feature NYC! If you’ve been here a while, maybe you’re content to propose in Central Park. Your photos will be beautiful, but not overtly New Yorky. But if you’re still a huge enthusiast of the city then maybe something like Brooklyn Bridge Park would be a perfect place to propose in NYC! You’ll have epic skyline views and a cool breeze from the water.

After picking a location, if you haven’t already done this, you want to hire a photographer that can do an epic job capturing your proposal! You want to be sure you find someone who’s a good planner that can help you put everything in place, flexible and good at improvising (because even the best plan can change on the fly with surprise proposals!), and knowledgeable about, get this, theoretical lighting and angles. The last one can be especially important, since you probably don’t know lighting and angles like a good photographer does, and due to the nature of the event you generally won’t be placed by your photographer! So, a good ability to envision the lighting and angles, and then communicate where would be best for you two to end up is paramount to making sure your photos come out perfectly! To this end, I always get to proposals at least 30 minutes early so I can confirm what I expected from the lighting and communicate any last minute adjustments if need be.

From there, your photographer should be able to guide you through everything else! Like working up what you’ll say, timing, recommending other vendors if you decide to go with a proposal picnic (or something like that), all the way down to helping you pick an outfit and coming up with a good reason for why your partner should get a little dressed up for what they probably think is just a date!

If you think I’d be a great fit to photograph your proposal here in NYC, or you’d at least like some more information, then fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page, or click here!

1. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park is an incredible spot to propose! There’s multiple great spots here to get down on one knee and they all feature the iconic Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn or Manhattan Bridge! Plus, it’s open to the public so the cost is $0! Go to York St on the F line to get here easily. Here’s a blog post from this Brooklyn Bridge Park Proposal!

2. Wood Chip Vantage Point

This exact spot is called Wood Chip Vantage Point! You may recognize the hugely iconic Bow Bridge in the background. This spot gets you a little bit more privacy and greenery than on the bridge itself! It’s on the North Side of the bridge, just past another little vantage point with some benches! The closest subway stop is the 72nd St stop via the B or C!

3. Ladies Pavilion

Ladies Pavilion in Central Park is another great location for your NYC proposal! It’s more secluded than a lot of spots and is surrounded by gorgeous views of the midtown skyline and the San Remo to the West. This spot is in high demand though, so I’d recommend sending someone to try to hold it at least an hour in advance!

4. The Met’s Rooftop Garden

This spot has to be #1 most epic right?? Maybe I’m just biased because I love the Met so much, but just look at it! This is an unbeatable view of midtown, and you get to take portraits throughout the museum if you’d like! They’re incredibly okay with people taking photos in and around the museum so it’s very easy to work here! This is the only spot on the list so far that has a cost associated with it though. If you’re a New York State resident or a NY, NJ, or CT student then the admission price is up to you! But if you’re from out of state and not a student in one of those states then general admission is $30/person! That’s super worth it though for such an important day! One note about this spot is that it is often very busy. The above photo actually has three other people photoshopped out of it. So you’ll need to be okay with people seeing the proposal! Here’s more from this Proposal at The Met!

5. San Remo Lookout Point

This gorgeous location is in Central Park, right by Bow Bridge! It overlooks the lake and has a perfectly centered view of the San Remo (the first twin-towered building to rise in NYC when it was built in 1930!). I’d especially recommend trying to propose here early in the morning for good lighting and to have a chance at a private moment! Check out the blog from this Central Park Proposal!

6. Summit One Vanderbilt

Summit One Vanderbilt is NYC’s newest and third tallest observation deck! Located above Grand Central Terminal, Summit OV gives you a view in all directions (from different floors) from 1,210 feet above street level! At Summit OV you can get incredible views of Central Park, Midtown, and Downtown as the backdrop for your proposal! Tickets are $39 each (purchase here), and you’ll want to purchase them in advance of your trip since time slots do sell out! I’d recommend going as early in the day as possible to beat out a lot of the crowds, and to hopefully get the best possible light!

7. Brooklyn Bridge (… but in the rain!)

This is the only time I’ve ever seen Brooklyn Bridge Park be empty. When it was absolutely pouring outside. And it was well worth it for Ben and Caroline to brave the cold and the wet to get engaged at this very special spot with a very rare tourist free Brooklyn Bridge! Obviously you can’t control the weather and cause it to rain to recreate this incredible proposal.. But maybe you’ll want to go for it anyway if you end up seeing rain in the forecast for the day you’re going to propose! Check out the blog from this rainy Brooklyn Bridge Proposal!

8. Bethesda Terrace

Another Central Park location is Bethesda Terrace! The Arcade (pictured above) and the fountain on the opposite side of the camera are both incredibly iconic pieces of NYC architecture – instantly recognizable by anyone who’s seen them before. If you want a location that screams “We got engaged in NYC!” but aren’t feeling the skyline vibe of some of the other locations, this is a great option! Note: the only way you will get a photo like this without tons of people in the background is to go early in the morning. I’d recommend trying to get there no later than 1 hour after sunrise in the summer, and right at sunrise in the fall/winter.

9. The Rink at Rockefeller Center

If you’ve got the winter timing down and are wanting to do something absolutely beyond incredible for your proposal, then consider renting out the Rink at Rockefeller Center for your proposal! You’ll coordinate with them for a time slot around when you’re there already to skate. Then as the time comes up they clear the ice with an announcement that it “needs to be cleaned”. You’ll stay behind with your partner while a song of your choosing comes on as you skate to center ice. Hundreds of people (maybe even thousands – that place gets absolutely packed!) will be there cheering you on! This is such a quintessential New York at Christmas location and your partner will be absolutely amazed at the lengths you went to to make the proposal epic! Email therink@rockefellercenter.com for more information!

10. Roof Deck with Empire State Building Views

Another awesome location is this roof deck with Empire State Building views! There’s lots of different options you can choose from when booking including adding candles, “Marry Me?” signs, and champagne! You’ll be looking over 34th street and up at the Empire State Building! Go to here to book!

11. FloLo Holistic

This wellness center in Midtown Manhattan has an upstairs event space that can be reserved for the proposal of your dreams! Even better if you can recruit some friends, family, or even an event planner to help you transform it even further. Lights and tree not included! Check out FloLo Holistic!

12. Elizabeth Street Garden

Elizabeth Street Garden is a one acre community sculpture garden in the Nolita area of Manhattan, and is the perfect location for your proposal! Every inch of the garden is stunning and there’s gotta be at least 20 incredible little spots here to propose! Check out the blog post from this beautiful Elizabeth Street Garden Proposal!

13. Luxury Condo Rooftop

This might be tough to accomplish unless you live in a luxury condo, or have a friend that does.. But the rooftop of a luxury condo building can be an incredible spot for a proposal if you can gain access! Think about the views of the NYC and NJ skyline! Check out more from this NYC Rooftop Proposal!

14. Central Park Mall

Easily one of the most iconic spots in all of Central Park. Even better in the rain. Like many of the spots above, I highly recommend getting here very early in the morning! Check out Sam and Julia’s rainy Fall proposal in Central Park!

15. On a Boat in the Hudson

Another stunning option, at least in the warmer months, is to propose on a boat in the Hudson River! I don’t know if there’s any more iconic views of NYC than from the South/Southwest. You’ll have all of FiDi behind you cheering you on as you ask your person to marry you! Here’s the blog post from Yoscar and Pauleena’s Proposal on a Boat in the Hudson!

16. The Skybox at Restaurant DANIEL

This is the spot for all of you boujee foodies out there. Take your partner to this exclusive, private experience at one of NYC’s most iconic Michelin starred restaurants on the Upper East Side and follow it up with watching the kitchen prepare your meal from the incredible skybox windows! More Information on the Restaurant DANIEL Skybox here!

17. Ramble Stone Arch (Central Park)

This is a great location in Central Park that’s usually a bit less crowded! Keep in mind though that the path under the arch is active and used regularly, so you may come across people trying to walk through your moment. But if you time it just right, you’ll have an incredible proposal here!

18. Freemans NYC

This private upstairs bar space in the LES is perfect for an intimate proposal, and a small party afterwards! There’s plenty of space to have family hide out while they’re waiting to come celebrate and the staff is so helpful with everything from initial communication all the way to drinks and snacks on the day!

19. Governor’s Island

Governor’s Island is an often forgotten location, which is insane because it has such incredible views of Manhattan and lots of really great restaurants and fun things to do! It’s a little out of the way (you’ll have to take the ferry) but I promise it’s worth it. Your cover story can be going to stay overnight at Collective Retreats – a luxury glamping experience!

20. An Upstate Lake House

Another stunning proposal location near NYC is actually upstate! What better place to propose than your family’s lake house upstate? Or if that’s not your family’s situation, you can book a lake house on AirBnB or VRBO for an incredible weekend getaway that’d start or end with a surprise proposal! If you’re looking for a private and Summery proposal vibe this could be great for you!


So! I hope one of the above locations serves you well! You’re going to do such a good job and get so freaking engaged. Congratulations on the huge step you’re about to take! Don’t forget to contact me to book me as your NYC Proposal Photographer asap!!


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