Katharine and Perry’s Long Island Vineyard Wedding

As a Long Island wedding venue, Meadowlark North Fork offers a tapestry of vineyards and elegance for couples like Katharine and Perry, who share a passion for the finer things in life. Their union, celebrated amidst the rolling vines and under the vast skies of the North Fork, was a testament to their love and shared interests.

Their story began with a swipe on Tinder and blossomed into a relationship grounded in mutual interests—fitness, fine wine, and their adoration for their pit bull, Nova. The decision to have their wedding at Meadowlark was as natural as their connection; it was the perfect blend of sophistication and serenity, and an incredible value with pricing starting at $12,500* for peak summer dates.

The Grove Garden, where ceremonies are cradled by nature’s embrace, set the stage for their vows. The Perch, a modern space with rustic charm, welcomed guests for cocktails with a view into the winemaker’s studio, further immersing them in the vineyard experience. The Meadowlark Lawn, a canvas for a tented reception, danced with colors at sunset, framing a celebration that extended into the evening with laughter, cigars, and music.

Katharine and Perry’s relaxed wedding day rhythm allowed for moments of pure spontaneity, including Nova’s adorable interlude during the ceremony. The bride’s gown, with a hidden patch from her late father’s police uniform, and a locket containing his image on her bouquet, wove deep family ties into the fabric of the day. These details, captured in photos that radiate with warmth and joy, showcase a wedding photographer’s dream: bright, colorful, and brimming with emotion.

The venue’s amenities, such as the six-hour event time and a complimentary Wine Club Membership, only enhanced the allure of Meadowlark North Fork, making it a coveted choice for those seeking the quintessential Long Island wedding venue.

Katharine and Perry’s day was not just a celebration but a journey through the joys of life and love, preserved in photographs that will stand as a testament to their beautiful beginning.

For those enchanted by this stunning venue, you can learn more about Meadowlark North Fork here – and for those looking to create their own vineyard wedding story, and when ready, inquire with me to discuss photography that captures the joy and romance of your day.

*Note: Pricing is subject to change and varies by date. For the most current pricing and package details, please contact Meadowlark North Fork directly.


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Let’s make your photos everything they can be and more

Romantic. Relaxed. Joyful.

Let’s make your photos everything they can be and more

Romantic. Relaxed. Joyful.