NYC Proposal in The Skybox at Restaurant DANIEL

In the heart of the Upper East Side, where gastronomic excellence meets romantic endeavors, Evan and Mary’s NYC proposal unfolded in an extraordinary setting: the Skybox at Restaurant DANIEL. This private haven, perched above the bustling kitchen, became the stage for a life-changing moment.

Evan and Mary, a couple with refined tastes, found their perfect match in the luxurious intimacy of the Skybox. It’s a space where only a select few have dined, offering a bird’s-eye view of the culinary ballet below.

As an NYC proposal photographer, it was a privilege to discreetly capture Evan’s big question. The anticipation was almost palpable, the setting was intimate, and the moment he knelt, time stood still. Mary’s reaction was one for the ages—pure joy and surprise that would echo through their lives forever. With a massive, sparkling Tiffany ring now adorning her finger, their smiles in the photos are as bright as the future they’ve just promised each other.

The Skybox’s warm glow and the clink of cookware below served as the perfect symphony to their engagement. Recreating the proposal by the window, we captured not just the love between Evan and Mary, but also the essence of the bustling creativity of Restaurant DANIEL’s kitchen—the perfect backdrop for a couple whose life together promises to be filled with adventure, passion, and exquisite moments.

This proposal wasn’t just about the ‘yes,’ but about the experience—a Michelin-starred chef crafting a custom menu, the exclusive ambiance, and the thrill of a private celebration high above one of the city’s most revered culinary institutions.

To those dreaming of their own unique proposal, let this story inspire you. And for those seeking to immortalize such moments, an NYC proposal photographer can capture the beauty and emotion of your special day, just as I did for Evan and Mary.

For readers who are now envisioning their own unforgettable proposal, I encourage you to explore further and reach out. Whether it’s the exclusive Skybox at Restaurant DANIEL or another enchanting NYC proposal location, let’s create your perfect engagement story. Click here for more information about my proposal photography.


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Let’s make your photos everything they can be and more

Romantic. Relaxed. Joyful.